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1938 Hampton Tercentenary Map
22.5" x 27.5"
heavy paper

Price - $15.00

This map, printed on heavy matte paper, shows a map of Hampton in the center with labels for various historic locations in town. Around the periphery are boxes with drawings and text about various points of interest, such as the salt marshes, the Grist Mill, Hotel Whittier, etc. Note that the HHS logo watermark is not on the actual map you purchase.

This map is suitable for framing and looks great on a wall!

For researchers, this map points out “labeled” areas in the same terms used in many old deeds:

  • Leavitt Tavern on Nut Island
  • Alder Meadow and Bear Swamp
  • Isinglass Hill on North Shore Rd
  • The many mills and ordinaries
  • Little River leads to beach at south end of Godfrey’s ledge (fishermen know this)
  • Philbrick’s Island, Nook Run, Huckleberry Flats (aka Plantation)
  • Sea gates on both High St. and Winnacunnet – 1746 when liberty given to preserve the beach between Great and Little Boar’s Head
  • 1819 first hotel on Boar’s Head
  • Low marsh, Great neck, 1640 first mill, mouth of Ass Brook near Taylor River, (now “Ash”)
  • School houses, Timber Swamp tanneries

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