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HHS 90th Anniversary
HHS celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2015. There were 2 primary activities, shown below. The Gathering on the Green exhibit is still on display at the museum (as of 2023), but, of course, the History Bits exhibits are no longer located around the town and can only be seen here.

Hampton Historical Society Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary

hhslogo3_90th_party2_sm.png Hampton - A 90th Anniversary is a time to celebrate, and that's what volunteers at the Hampton Historical Society and Tuck Museum invite you to do - join them at special events throughout the year to commemorate their 90th Anniversary.


Gathering on the Green

In 1925, Reverend Ira S. Jones led the effort to establish what is today's Hampton Historical Society and Tuck Museum. The museum, a place for Hampton's treasures, was named in honor of the philanthropist Edward Tuck, who was born in Exeter and whose mother was born and raised in Hampton.

Starting in July, the Tuck Museum will host a "Retrospective" exhibit called Gathering on the Green that explores each decade of its 90-year history against a backdrop of town, beach and national news. For more info, click here.


History Bits

History Bits You'll also see "Hampton History Bits" displays around town and at the museum. Artifacts together with brief text tell tiny tales to entertain and enlighten - and perhaps rekindle memories. For more info, click here.

Other summer events include a "Salt Marsh Nature Walk" with Marine Biologist Ellen Goethel, Saturday, August 22, and the 14th Annual Pig Roast, Saturday, September 5.