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The Leavitt House Barn
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Leavitt Barn Preservation Work

In 2004, the Historical Society reached an agreement with the new owners of the former Sanders & McDermott office building (Taylor/Leavitt house on Lafayette Road) to save from demolition the 38 foot by 36 foot barn on that site. The barn was built circa 1796 and was in very good condition.

The initial task was to dismantle the barn and store it on the Tuck Museum grounds. This was completed in June, 2004. The foundation, sills, and frame preparation were done in 2005 and 2006. The frame was reassembled in June, 2007. Chet Riley coordinated the disassembly and reframing. The exterior was completed in August, 2007. Interior work was completed in May, 2008, and the Grand Opening to the public was held in June, 2008.

Dave DeGagne was the "main man" in the reconstruction, with help from Percy Annis and other dedicated volunteers. Fundraising for the project was done by Al Casassa, Charlotte Preston, Bob Wallace and Ben Moore.

For image galleries showing the entire history of the barn work, see below

Barn Interior

Barn interior The Barn Project has saved and reused a historic structure from Hampton's past. It now houses displays about early Hampton industry - shoemaking, fishing, farming, blacksmithing, ice cutting, marsh haying, carpentry, etc.

Barn interior

Barn Interior - 360 degree view

This is a high-res image (larger than it appears on the screen). To enlarge it on-screen, use pinch-zoom on a tablet or smartphone; on a desktop system, click the image to see a full view (use browser's Back button to come back here). Barn 360
courtesy of Russell Leavitt

An excellent book about barn preservation is Preserving Old Barns by John C. Porter and Francis E. Gilman. Click here for more info.
Barn Reassembly - 2005 - 2007
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(see bottom of page for pictures of 2004 disassembly)

Pictures from the exterior completion - 6/22/07 and 8/29/07

Pictures from the frame reassembly - 6/02/07 and 6/11/07 ("Day 2" button)

Earlier pictures from the foundation, sill and frame preparation (2005-2007).

Barn Pictures - Disassembly (2004)
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