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Holiday Keepsake Ornaments
Hampton's first Limited Edition Ornaments

$8.50 each. 3 for $23.
  • 2 types; each shows 4 views of Hampton - see below for a full flat view of each.
  • 3 inches in diameter.
Type A:

Type B:

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The bulbs are packaged in various configurations to help you avoid multiple shipping charges. Picking any of the choices on the PayPal pull-down below will result in a single shipping charge of $4. You can chose multiple quantities of any selection (e.g. 2 3-packs) on the next screen (the Cart screen) and still have only 1 shipping charge of $4.

Choices are (prices shown do not include shipping charge of $4):

  • one ornament, type A - $8.50
  • one ornament, type B - $8.50
  • 2-pack, 1 type A, 1 type B - $16.
  • 3-pack, 1 type A, 2 type B - $23.
  • 3-pack, 2 type A, 1 type B - $23.

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