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Saltmarsh Farming DVD
on the New Hampshire Seacoast
DVD; 36 min
Price - $18.00

From the DVD back:
It's August, 4:00am on the marsh. The tide is low and the salt hay farmers are already at work, the sound their scythes brisk across the marsh. If all goes well, if no one falls into a sink hole or gets trapped by a sudden storm, by the time the dew has dried the farmers will be done for the day. In winter they'll return to haul the stacked hay off the marsh. The methods changed over time, but this cycle of harvesting the nutritious marsh grass was repeated for over 300 yrs.

In Salt Marsh Farming on the NH Seacoast, award-winning producer Joshua Silveira has combined well researched narration, rare photographs, and personal interviews to tell the story of NH's salt hay industry, from its vital role in the region's settlement and early economy, to its development as a major economic force that survived well into the twentieth century. Listen carefully and you just might hear the distant roll of the sea, the cry of the gull, or the shout "Hey boy!" - the thirsty salt hay farmer's call for a cool drink of switchel.

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