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logo The mission of the Hampton Historical Society is to increase public knowledge and understanding of the history and cultural heritage of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire, from its earliest inhabitants to the present generation. We will communicate that history through an active museum, educational programs, and a resource library.

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Known since 1994 as the Hampton Historical Society, the society was incorporated in 1925 as the Meeting House Green Memorial Association to honor the original settlers of Hampton. A descendant of one of those families, Edward Tuck, generously donated funds to purchase a house on the site of the original meeting house green. The land surrounding the house was laid out as a park, and the house was turned into a small museum, which was appropriately named the Tuck Museum.

The museum has continued to grow. Other buildings on the Green have joined the main house as exhibition areas. There is a nineteenth-century schoolhouse, an eighteenth-century barn, a fire-fighting museum, and a Hampton Beach tourist cottage.

The aims of the Society have broadened in step with the museum's growth. To accomplish its goals of promoting and preserving the history and heritage of Hampton, the Society conducts an active educational program of tours and lectures throughout the year.

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  • For more information about HHS, email us at info@hamptonhistoricalsociety.org

  • Our mailing address is:
    Hampton Historical Society
    PO Box 1601
    Hampton, NH 03843-1601
    phone: 603-929-0781

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Board of Trustees

    President Lori Cotter
    Vice President Pat Bushway
    Secretary Nichole Duggan
    Treasurer Ed Baechtold
    Trustees Michael Compos
Gary Grashow
Amy Hansen
Rich Hureau
Mark McFarlin
Linda Metcalf
Ben Moore
Betty Moore
Joe O’Neill
Molly St.Jeanne

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