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Shoals Marine Laboratory
Small Island, Big Impact

Shoals Marine Laboratory - Small Island, Big Impact (Zoom presentation)
     with Isabel Aley, Director of Community Relations for SML

For 55 years, Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, Maine, has been a proud leader in marine science education, research, and outreach distinguished by our top-notch academic programming and innovative collaborations.

Join HHS and UNH on September 22 at 7 p.m. for a Zoom talk about this fascinating facility. (See below for instructions about how to join the Zoom event).


shoals_lab_today_sm.jpg Summers on Appledore Island offer life-changing experiences that transform students into scientists. Across the Isles of Shoals, students tackle the latest in solar power technology, learn to identify warblers and seabirds, count grey seals, band gull chicks, search for evolutionary links among intertidal organisms, and experience an immersive and unforgettable education that emphasizes the importance of wildlife conservation. Through our extended SML community of students, alumni, supporters, collaborators, and affiliated scientists, we are actively addressing the growing needs of our life-sustaining oceans.

shoals_appledore_house_sm.jpg The presentation will highlight the natural and human history of Appledore Island and the roots of Shoals Marine Lab, dating back almost a century on Appledore Island!

Shoals Marine Laboratory is a joint partnership of Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire.

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The Zoom meeting is being organized by UNH, so to join the Zoom event you should register on the UNH webpage for the event. They will then email you instructions on how to join the event itself.

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