Firemen and Fire Equipment, 1910 - 1969


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Below is a Hampton hook and ladder truck in front of Old Town Hall, c.1910. photo

Below is 750 gallon pump and ladder combination truck outside Hampton Beach Fire Station, c.1923. photo

Below are 3 fire engines outside beach fire station, c.1940. Individuals are, left to right: George LaMott, Chief, 1937-1958; Captain Harold Irwin; Bernard Felch; Elmer Shaw. photo

Below are personnel (all in Fire Department?) in 1958. Individuals are, left to right: Don Ring; Fred Gagne; Ralph Harris; John Batchelder; Chief George LaMott; Jack Foley; Bernard Felch; Lawrence Hackett; Harry Munsey; Deputy Perly George. photo

Below is 1959 photo taken by Ladder 1 of, left to right: Fred Gagne; Chief Perly George; Ralph Harris; Jack Foley. photo

Below are 1963 fire personnel outside beach fire station. Left to right: William Troffater; Henry La Duke; Bruce Horne; Gene Nelson; Deputy L. Brown; Chief Perly George; William Stickney; Howard Stickney; Mike Linn; Walter Ward; Floyd Hopkins. photo

Below is 1969 photo of Engine 5 with, from left to right: Steve Marston; Alfred Dow; William Sullivan; Ronald Bridle; Bruce Dow; Fred Esty; Ken Richardson; James Hunt; Richard Trofatter; Chief Paul Long; George Lamott; William Stickney; Mike Linn; William Trofatter; Howard Stickney. photo