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Wonderful World        
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A Wonderful Place

picture One of Ruth's oil paintings (in Tuck Museum)
For Dorothy Holman, a quote from the poet Robert Lewis Stevenson defined Ruth's outlook:

"The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be happy as kings."

In addition to Ruth's love of her job with the Extension Service (there were administrative duties - records, reports and correspondence, as well as the continuing education aspects) and the great care she gave to her home, Ruth published a weekly newspaper column in the Hampton Union. She covered recent demonstration meetings and upcoming events, and provided news that she considered valuable to homemakers.

In her autobiography, Ruth notes a tour Extension Service employees took of the Towle Silversmith manufacturing plant. They received a booklet about the history of silverware and learned why silver was expensive. This was information Ruth could share in her column for consumer education.

Ruth was an oil painter and watercolorist. She is credited with more than 125 paintings and sketches. She also enjoyed photography. And she was an enthusiastic philatelist, amassing a large collection of domestic stamps.

Ruth was a member and at times an officer in local, state and federal organizations, including the Hampton Garden Club. Ruth and her Mother joined the Hampton Garden Club in 1951; they appreciated its emphasis on civic improvement.

Ruth at times was called on to judge contests held by local organizations. The Exeter-Hampton Electric Company once asked her to judge 51 frosted cakes.

"Imagine having to sample them to determine the winners!!," says Ruth. "Afterwards the company offered each of us a small appliance for our efforts. I chose a hair dryer. It proved quite useful later in defrosting our home freezer. It was the last time I ever agreed to judge that many frosted cakes in one day."