Ruth Stimson        
NYC and the UN        
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New York City and The United Nations

picture Ruth took this photograph of the UN world headquarters in 1952
In addition to teaching classes to help women improve their homes and family lives, Ruth conducted "See How Tours" to expand women's knowledge of the world around them. Participants visited operations including: The First National Store Warehouse, the Boston Fish Pier and Flower Market, Logan Airport, the State Police Office, a Wildlife Museum, a Banana Warehouse and a UNH Horticultural Farm.

Keeping with the theme of learning by doing, Ruth set off on her own adventure to New York City. A goal the Extension Service set for its employees was to achieve knowledge and understanding of other countries. In 1952, Ruth was chosen to represent the Extension Service as a delegate to the 3rd National Conference of the US Commission of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). She was thrilled!

Ruth was one of 2,000 delegates along with guests and observers from around the world. She felt privileged to hear speeches by Elmer Davis, Jaima Bodget (Director General of UNESCO), Reinhold Niebuhr, Myrna Loy and Jose Ferrer.

The conference emphasized "that two ways of protecting a way of life were: a strong military machine or building strength within individuals to see themselves and their goals in relation to those of other people in the world. People need to talk to other nations to promote understanding and goodwill. Civilization is what goes on inside of the heads of people."

Ruth toured the UN Headquarters and wrote to her parents: "I found the UN building most interesting. It has people from all over the world, and is still under construction. I bought some interior slides taken under excellent lighting conditions and also some UN stamps for my collection. They're printed in five languages."

The Rockefeller family held a reception one afternoon for the delegates. "Food service was by waitresses in black uniforms with lacy white aprons and headdresses. The food served was a beverage and tiny cocktail franks in small buns. Imagine entertaining 2,000 guests!"

Ruth returned home thankful for the experience of "a tremendously stimulating conference."