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Ruth on Ruth        
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Ruth on Ruth

picture Ruth's artwork depicting New England in the fall
In 1970, Audrey Ross, who was with the Hampton Union, interviewed Ruth. "She came to the house and we talked," says Ruth. "One answers many questions and waits to see what the interviewer chooses to emphasize. In Audrey's case, she used all of her script!"

Here are excerpts from the article in which Audrey highlights some of Ruth's "preferences."

Song - America, the Beautiful. Likes patriotic music and band music, also semi-classical pieces.

Favorite item - Home and its contents.

Time of day - Anytime after 9 a.m.

Time of year - Any season when the flowers are in bloom and the trees are in foliage.

Food - Loves fruits and anything chocolate.

Secret desire - To be accepted by fellow men as an individual.

Furniture - Beautiful handcrafted wood furniture.

Flower - May flower for its perfume and the lilac as a shrub.

Women - Numerous. All the gems of American womanhood; they are conscientious and loyal.

Men - Abraham Lincoln for the obstacles he faced, the conditions of the society, his ability to determine the important from the unimportant. Also, President Eisenhower and General MacArthur for striving to achieve what was important to the sense of democracy.

Actresses - Olivia De Havilland, Julie Andrews, Deborah Kerr and Katherine Hepburn, all women among women in their own field.

Actors - Ronald Colman, Gary Cooper and Spencer Tracy.

Vacation spot - New England. Everything Ruth loves is abundant here.