Ruth Stimson        
Solid Waste Disposal, #1        
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Saving Our Earth, Part 1

picture Ruth speaking at the Florence Hall award ceremony
In 1973, the National Association of Extension Home Economists honored Ruth for her pioneering recycling efforts. She was one of eight recipients of the prestigious Florence Hall Award, which recognizes those who implement outstanding responses to emerging issues.

"Since I knew Florence, it was a real pleasure," Ruth says. A former field agent with the US Department of Agriculture, Florence Hall initiated the award with a $200 grant to be used by the recipient for professional improvement.

Ruth received the award for her Solid Waste Disposal Project, which she had been conducting in Rockingham County. Ruth traveled to Liberty, NY and gave a presentation about her project to 1,500 fellow Extension Home Economists. "It was one of the highlights of my professional career," she says.

picture The restaurant where Ruth spoke
Ruth included her speech, which she noted was limited to 3 minutes, in her autobiography. Here is how she began, and concluded.

"Solid waste disposal is a real down to earth project. Each of us has to dispose of about 5 lbs. daily, or 1,525 lbs. a year. Multiply that by the number of people in your town or city. It's a staggering community problem that must be handled in a sanitary manner. Otherwise air, water and land pollution problems will result...

Solid waste disposal in a sanitary manner is critical in every community, small or large, today and every day in the future. If every one of us adopts the simple truth: 'I can help save our Earth,' we can achieve much together: Extension Home Economists working with and encouraging concerned citizens. I hope you're willing to try."

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