Ruth Stimson        
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The Price of Fame

picture Ruth, at left, was an innovator in teaching the hearing impaired
As Ruth approached 40 years of service as an Extension Home Economics Agent, she received a National Grange Public Service Award. "Over four decades I had worked closely with Granges in Rockingham County," she says. Ruth called the award a "first," since she was a "non-Granger."

At the end of 1981, newspapers published articles about the Grange award as well as Ruth's numerous accomplishments over the course of her 40-year career.

In The New Hampshire Alumnus, Curt Mackail writes: "Today, Ruth G. Stimson has lost none of her enthusiasm for continuing education. She reaches people with her workshops and demonstrations on practical home economics topics, which now also include furniture restoration, budgeting, energy conservation and family life, for example, as well as with educational radio broadcasts and newspaper articles. She has conducted innovative teaching programs for the hearing and visually impaired…And, as a senior member of UNH's Extension Home Economists, Stimson feels that the challenge of her work is as fresh today as it was nearly 40 years ago."

Ruth received her bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of New Hampshire.

Ruth was also 1 of 11 "Women of Accomplishment" featured in a 1981 Seacoast Woman publication.

Fame led to quite a bit of attention.

"When we went grocery shopping, Mother took the shopping cart and her list, and went on ahead as people approached me in the store," says Ruth. "That way it didn't take so long as she didn't like standing and waiting - wasting time. I understood her line of reasoning."