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Retirement #2        
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Retiring, But Not Slowing Down, Part 2

picture The winning logo combined elements from three entries; Ruth won for her circles of continuity
Marlise Swartz, in her article "She'll keep building fires," comments on Ruth's retirement:

"Retire? In name only, as she intends to study native grasses for this area, get their names and samples...or how about bookbinding? She's always been curious about that. Of course there is her ever-continuing collection of New Hampshire history, which has taken her all over the area looking in files, records, deeds and recording what she can photographically.

"Miss Stimson is working on a slide presentation of New Hampshire history from 1914, picking up where someone else in the family left off.

"She brings forth a sand-casting project she is learning to master because someone asked her to teach the process. 'I guess I'm a missionary,' says Miss Stimson, explaining her desire to learn and then share information and skills."

Throughout her autobiography, in many different ways, Ruth says that she never tires of learning or of people who want to learn.

In 1982, in the 3 months following her retirement, Ruth gave 5 talks. In 1983 she gave 20 talks. She joined Epsilon Sigma Phi, the national Extension fraternity, and the Active Retirement Association at UNH.

"They (the Active Retirement Association) ran a contest to develop a logo. So I sent in an idea, which took a bit of thinking in between housework, food shopping, errands, reading, gardening and TV." She learned that she was one of three winners. The graphic designer had selected elements from three entries to create the logo. Ruth won for her circles of continuity.

Says Ruth about her retirement, "I could see life wasn't going to be dull."