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Paper, Paste        
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Paper and Paste

Early in her retirement, Ruth started organizing her photographs, and newspaper and magazine clippings.

"During 1983 I organized my collection of pictures of Rockingham County Meeting Houses and Churches. I used nearly a quart of white paper paste and assembled and bound:
Part 1 - Rockingham County Meeting Houses and Churches, A thru I, 188 pages.
Part 2 - Rockingham County Meeting Houses and Churches J thru Z, 218 pages. Note: Rockingham County has many towns with letter N. New Hampshire Churches (outside Rockingham County) - 384 pages. (I had to buy more paste!)"

"During 1984 I worked to organize more of my hundreds of newspaper and magazine clippings. The topics were:
NH's Covered Bridges, 202 pages.
Mt. Washington Information, 304 pages.
Information on NH's Notches in the White Mountains, 349 pages.
More on White Mountains Area (excluding Mt. Washington and the Notches), 300 pages.
USA Churches and their Practices and General Information on NH Meeting Houses, Church Singing, Bells, Pealing, Clocks, Gravestones and Architecture, 177 pages.
Isles of Shoals and NH's Marine Resources, 385 pages.
Maritime Activities of Port of Portsmouth on Piscataqua River, Part 1, 239 pages.
Maritime Activities, Part 2, 240 pages.
Information on State of NH, 266 pages.

I used a couple of quarts of white paste and several reams of paper. Then I bound these collections in separate volumes with maroon hard covers."

"I used a gallon of paper paste in 1985 compiling other individual's written work. Then I began on compiling and binding my Seabrook Station clippings from 1968-1972, 338 pages; 1973-1984, 316 pages. I never would have started that subject, if I had known how long the issue would take - 16 years!"

Ruth used a lot of paper and paste through the years. The evidence is in the University of New Hampshire's Special Collections and Archives.