Ruth Stimson        
Amazing Woman        
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An Amazing Woman

picture Ruth and her coworkers at the UNH Extension Service provided invaluable support to the community
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Ruth was not a member of the First Congregational Church in Hampton, but she considered herself a friend of the church, and had her picture taken when members and friends were photographed.

"She did consider First Congregational Church her 'home church,'" says Reverend Deb Knowlton, the current minister.

Remembering things about Ruth, Reverend Deb continues, "Cliff Pratt was great friends with Ruth, most likely through the same Extension connection, because he told me once that all the peony bushes in his yard came by way of Cooperative Extension."

Cliff is quoted in a 2008 newspaper article about Ruth entitled "Hampton's Renaissance Woman." Cliff has since passed away.

"'There was nothing that woman couldn't do,' former town selectman Cliff Pratt said about Ruth. 'As a boy, my family somehow acquired a small herd of sheep and had no idea how to shear them. We called the County Extension Service, and later that day, Ruth appeared at our door with her electric shearers in her hand. We thought she was going to show us how to shear one, but before we knew it all 30 were done. She was amazing.'"

The essence of Ruth - could anyone describe it any better?