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Hampton Town Records
Over the past year, volunteers from HHS photographed or scanned the seven volumes of Hampton's old town records and also indexed each volume.

These proprietors' records date back to 1638, providing insight into issues facing the town officials, such as clearing lands and roadways, or settling land disputes. Daughter towns eventually broke away, but their earlier records exist, with them being referred to as:


The index to each volume is a much-needed research aid, not only for discovering specific meeting notes or voting returns, but also providing a condensed glimpse of the times, of difficulties in governing, debates over policy and religion, and the resourcefulness of the colonial character that gave rise to our citizenry.

If you search the indexes first, (please remember these are "rough" indexes) please write down all the numbers in the left columns which will help you find that specific page in any of the formats provided, such as "Photos," "PDFs," clerk's page numbering, etc.

Once you have opened a volume, you can chose to see single or double pages, zoom, full screen, etc. If you want the largest view possible, click on the black triangle in the lower right corner of the viewing area. That will remove or return the frame around the document which allows you to slide to pages, turn pages, etc.

All these documents, volumes and indexes, may be downloaded for your private use.

Disclaimer: Transcribing historical documents is by nature an interpretive and therefore inaccurate process. Anyone researching a document should have the handwritten manuscript beside it for their own comparison.

To go directly to the books themselves (bypassing the index list above), use the links below: