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High Resolution 1910 Map
This is a 5' x 7' map of the entire USA from 1910. It is a canvas-backed map with a wooden bar across the top, usually hung on a wall, perhaps in a classroom. It is stored rolled-up. The condition is very poor, with large chunks of it separating from the backing, and each time it is unrolled, more pieces fall off! So we decided to digitize it while there was something left to digitize.

Click here for a high-resolution version of the entire map. It does not have the detail of the individual sections below, but might be useful as an overview. Click your browser's back arrow to get back here.

Click on a number on the overview map below and you will go to a page displaying a high-resolution image of that section. Please remember that in most browsers you can zoom in and out on a page using the Ctrl-plus and Ctrl-minus hotkeys (Mac users use Command key instead of Ctrl). Ctrl-zero returns the page to normal size. Using this technique you can look at the maps in different levels of detail. Of course, you can also download any section you are interested in to your computer and view it even more easily.

There are many Indian reservations shown on this map (especially in the western areas), which is pretty unique.

1910 map