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Building Community:
20 Influential Women of Hampton

Tuck Museum, March 27th, 7PM

Have you ever sat at the light at the intersection of High Street and Mill Road and gazed at that big, beautiful old house on the northeast corner while you waited for the light to change? Did you wonder who might have lived there in the past and what life was like for the previous residents?

20-women_dresses_sm.jpg Well, if you're curious, join us at the Tuck Museum on March 27th at 7PM to hear about Elizabeth Day Godfrey Berry, whose son James built the home for his mother in 1888. She was just one of many interesting and influential women who has lived in our community throughout the centuries since its founding. You'll learn about a woman who was a teacher at Hampton Academy, one who was a nurse in World War II, one who ran a hotel at Hampton Beach with her husband, one who was a taxidermist, and even one who was accused of witchcraft! Come and hear about the lives of these women and several more as we commemorate Women's History Month.

Open to the public; free of charge.