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HHS Annual Meeting
Vagabond Quakers: Northern Colonies Program
The Hampton Historical Society (HHS) will host an author talk by Olga Morrill, who will discuss her book, Vagabond Quakers: Northern Colonies, on Thursday, October 18, at the Tuck Museum. Morrill's talk follows a short HHS Annual Meeting at 6:30 p.m.

"The book reveals the remarkable brutality inflicted on adherents to the Society of Friends by the Puritan authorities," said Morrill. "Although the book is historical fiction, it is based on actual occurrences involving real people who lived in the seacoast towns of New Hampshire."

Morrill spent five years researching the history of northern New England from 1623-1663 for Vagabond Quakers, the first in a trilogy.

According to Morrill, few people are aware of the events she describes in her book and calls "hidden history," since "they have been glossed over by our educational system."

During her talk, Morrill will discuss why the Colonial Era Puritans reacted so violently to the Quakers. She will also read from her book, and have copies available for sale.

All are invited to attend the annual meeting and this free program at the Tuck Museum. Light refreshments will be served.