Volume 3
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Strays found and damage done
6 H & I

7 1 2-13-1707/8 True and perfect list of shares of cow commons that have been alienated from one to another and now extend to the right owners. Examination of returns Marston, Hobbs, Tilton, Shaw, Fellows, Sanborn, Hilliard, Clifford, Taylor, Marston, Bachilder.
8 2
Examinaton of returns Godfrey, Johnson, Bachilder, Moulton, Fogg, Ward, Dow, Shaw, Pierce?, Fifield, Godfrey, Dearborn, Perkins?,Marston, Perkins, Sanborn.
8 2
Examinaton of returns Johnson, Moulton, Green, Weare, Dalton, Smith, Dearborn, Dow, Blake, Hobbs, Marston, Drake, Marson, Prescott, Swett.
9 3 1-10-1722/3 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. Page, Chapman, Moulton, Page & Samuel Nudd.
9 3 1722 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. John Tuck, Ed. Sanborn, Caleb Marston.
10 4 1722 Examination of returns & land laid out (ref book 2nd , p 179) Thomas Cram, Samuel Marston.
10 4 1722 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. Jeremiah Dow, Timothy Dalton, Benjamin Brown & Isaac Green, Joshua Lane.
11 5 1722 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. John Cram, Ebenzer Dearborn , Elisha Smith
11 5 1722 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. Jonathan Taylor - No.Div, Robert Moulton, Jr. -1st N.Div, Lt. Jonathan Sherburn - 2nd N. Div, near mill pond/gristmill, Deacon John Tuck - 3rd W.Div, Joseph Taylor.
12 6 1722 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. Seth Fogg, John Dearborn, Samuel Marston - 2nd N. Div, Widow Sarah Swett, John Swaine, Seth Fogg, Jonathan Mason, Jon. Fifield.
12 6 1722 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. Samuel Palmer, James Moulton, Lt, Jno Sherburn- 2nd N. Div near mill called Garland's mill, Daniel Dow exchange for New Plantation lot, J & D? Daniel Dow.
13 7 1722 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. Capt. Jabez Dow (New Plantation), Daniel? Dow - 2nd N. Div, Jacob Freeze - near North Hill brook, great spring, Dr. Nath'l Sargent
13 7 1723/4 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. Elisha Purrington - 2nd W. Div, Zachariah Eastman - 3rd W. Div. Voted by proprietors of 1st? Div
14 8 1722 Examinaton of returns & land laid out. E. Thomas re complaint, land to satisfy him , & Thomas Marston and Joseph Dearborn satisfaction for what Winnacut meadow took out of N. Div shares.
14 8 1722- VITALS - MARRIAGE
15 9 1727-
15 9 1728, 1722, 1723 Meeting of proprietors of 2nd Division 1st N. Div. adjts. #2, 3rd N. Div adjts. Joseph Moulton, Widow Wall (New Plantation), Morris Hobbs, Jr. re (Quarter mile =QM, part of 2nd Div).
16 10 1722 Satisfaction for 1st N. Div land, list of number of lots each. Seth Fogg, Jno Dearborn, Sam'l Palmer, Jno Jennis, Daniel? Dow, Jno Mason, Jos. Palmer, Jacob Freeze, Jos. Taylor, Sam'l Marson Jno Sherburn, J. Brown, Tho. Brown, Sam'l Palmer, Jno Fifield, No Swaine, Caleb Marston, No Tucke, James Moulton, /Edw. Shaw?
16 10 1722 1st No. Div lots exchanged Jno Moulton (QM),
16 10 1722 1st No. Div lots exchanged Nathan Longfellow
17-19 11-13 1700s-
20 14 1730s-40s Constable pays rate to Ministers
20 14 1761 Bonds & Notes for $ let out for town re parsonage land.
21 15 1737-63 Minister salaries
22 16 4-28-1734 Obituary of Rev. Nathaniel Gookin age 47/48
22 16 3-22-1726 Rev. Ward Cotton 1st year salary 120 pounds-0 sterling-0 pence
23 17 1722 &1723 Returns Laid out to Benj. Fuller, sold to Wm.Godfrey, sold to Caleb Towle, Sold to John Sanborn
23 17 1723 & 1722 Returns Laid out to Jno Elkins in right of Abr. Perkins, Jr. land in New Plantation and Winnicut Meadow; To Seth Fogg & Christ. Page for satisfaction re land in 2nd No. Div.; To Thom. Marston & Jos. Dearborn for satisfaction land in Winnicut Meadow 3rd No. Div.
24 18 5-30-1751 & 6-4-1731 Petition from Jos. Towle, Jr. Alder meadows road access & return for Jos. Towle, Jr.
25 19 4-1-1752 Agreement - support of Francis Ireland, a poor person. Reuben & Eliphaleb Sanborn and their heirs are holden and bound for the sum of 1,000 pounds to physician John Weeks, Joshua Lane cordwainer, Robert Moulton, James Towle & John Lamprey yeoman, selectmen of the town, for Ireland's care. The town held harmless from all cost of trouble & damage on account of the support & relief. Receipt of 200 pounds recorded.
25-48 19-142
Note pages of originals change from 41 to 142 VITALS- BIRTHS
48-51 142-145 1722 Land - shares drawn for 1st Div. Whereas proprietors of cow commons land agreed to divide commons into 5 parts or divisions, persons must now appear with notes bearing date 10-1722 to settle the original rights unto as many parts as there are claimers, listing names of those first granted. Names and shares listed in left column claim their right from those to whom land was first settled that are listed in right column. Those Five Divisions of the cow commons now become the town's 1st Division (NOT of the five divisions)
52 146 1-1722/3 Mistake in return re Divisions. Batchelder original claim now by Chapman to be made up in 2nd Div. Also original claim of Roper now owned by James Marston heirs.
52 146 1-11-1722/3 meeting of Proprietors of 2nd Div. Also 1727 meetings re Caleb Marston. QM & Ring Swamp to be laid out for proprietors of 2nd Div. , Wm. Moulton, Benj. Moulton, Jos. Moulton, Tho. Leavit & John Marston to draw for their shares on Feb. 1st.
53 147 12-20-1727 Proprietors of 2nd Div. claims in QM & Ring Swamp returns.
54 148 2-20-1723 Meeting 5th Div. commoners agree to sell al lots which were ordered to 5th Div. Committee to make similar demand of 2nd Div. Agreement to set up gates between Deacon Weare's and Shapley line.
55 149 8-16-1732 Meeting of 5th Div. proprietors 5h Div., to sell land not yet disposed of. Mary Longfellow dissent.
55 149 10-10-1733 meeting 5th Div., to dispose of land between Peter Weare's orchard and Exeter Rd. & land formerly Deacon Shaw's.
55 149 10-15-1733 meeting 5th Div., sale of Shawl land and laying of hwy 4 rods wide.
55 149 6-20-1734 Meeting at Hampton Falls to be discussed at next meeting settlement of commons in to 5 divisions
55 149 7-1-1734 Meeting Return of 5th Division Buyer: Francis Batchelder (profits to Benj. Sweet for loss in case w/ Longfellow and to pay for legal case.)
56 150 8-9-1754 Complaint about way from saw mill on Little River to Goff's not yet laid out, as per ancient grant of the town. Property now owned by Shubal Page & Jeremiah Marston and laying in 2nd N. Div. Land laid out.
56-57 150-151

57 151

58 152

59-62 153-156

63 157 1766 Meetings re paying minister, hard to read; Bill from Rev. Cotton 11-29-1760 and other ministers thru 1797?
63 157 1768-1788
64 158 1771-1810
64 158 10-1-1730 Agreement re Edmund Raind/Rand lot in Ring Swamp-2nd Div. lot adjustment
65 159 3-20-1722 Meeting re hwys. Return 11-5-1722 1st Div. 2,233 acres; 2nd Div. 404 acres, 3rd Div. 781 acres across QM; 4th Div. 689 acres; 5th Div. 1,722 acres;
65-66 159-160

66 160 12-22-1722 Meeting & agreement that the division, except QM, be divided into 3 parts, etc. Returns of the 4th Div.
66-67 160-161 12-17-1722 Meeting - return 2-26-1722 accepted that 4th Div. be divided into 3 ranges.1st rangle owners listed Fogg/Deaborn/ QM
68-73 162-167 Returns - 5th Div. lately laid out last discussed in meeting of 12-3-1722
74 168 7-12-1678 meeting Hwy laid out from Salisbury
74 168 2-13-1722 meeting 2nd Div. road layout
74 168 3-13-1723 meeting 5th Div. - lot sales to pay surveyors charges
75-77 169-171 12-18-1722 & 1-7-1723 &1-31-1723 Meetings re 3rd Div. layout and returns (parts of page missing before item 17 on 76-170 right page?) 3rd Div. layout, begin in QM by Portsmouth Rd.
78 172 4-22-1723 Meeting of 5th Div. proprietors, adjustments to lot layout shall not abate original record.
78 172 4-29-1723 Meeting of proprietors of 2nd Div. Agree with "falls" to setting off their part of 5th Div. and how laid out, acreage agreement concerning land of Benj. & Joseph Moulton.
78 172 5-23-1723 Meeting re disputes between 2 divisions resolved, 60 acres of 2nd Div goes to 5th Div, etc. Land laid out.
78 172 12-3-1723 Meeting of proprietors of 5th Div.according to settlement of commons into 5 divisions. Judgement to be made to give every man his proportion of land and with respect original rights. Perhaps laying more to any particular man in QM.
79 173 2-7-1723 Meeting Controversy between Johnson, Redman, Jr., Godfrey, & Knowles and proprietors of 3rd.Div re bounds.
79 173 3-13-1723 Meeting re selling tracts in 5th Div. to pay for laying out same. Part of lot sold in 3rd W. Div. to Samuel Dow of Salisbury.
79 173 11-12-1723 Meeting re sale to Tilton, defraying costs of surveying of common lands
80 174 6-8-1724 Meeting re sale to Johnson and sale to Prescott in 1715. (details and date of Prescott return 3-2-1727 crossed out) Following commoners meeting of 3-17-1715 land sold to Edmund Johnson near hogpen farms laid out. Inhabitants had liberty to dig and carry off rocks and stone for stoning cellars and underpinning houses or building backs for chimneys from these 7 acres. Johnson paid 13 pounds. Meeting of same day voted lots sold to James Prescott, Jr. regarding return of this laying out but return was lost, thus this return made as witnesses. Weare, Wingate & Tucke.
81 175 1-17-1743 According to lay re preambulation New Plantation, preambulation, lot #27 to Green, grant of 1669
81 175 4-7-1725 Shares granted Isaac Perkins, conveyed to Henry Robey, conveyed to Samuel Fogg and deeds cannot be found. Resolution? 2-9-1723
82 176 3-13-1723 Meeting re sale to Benj. Brown & Samuel French of Salisbury sale of 2nd W. Div lot #14
82 176 10-14-1730 Meeting town lines Stratham/Portsm/Hampton
83 177 10-4-1765 Meeting Difficulty re Rev. Ward Cotton and the people, and decision made at Church meeting that there be a council called.
83 177 10-8-1765 Meeting Committee chosen of Anthony Emery, esq., Christopher Toppan, Esq., & __ Cotton Ward to make provisions for committee selected of Edward Shaw, J. Towle, Daniel Philbrick to join church committee to examine reports about Mr. Cotton and try to find the truth of them.
84 178 10-11-1765 Whereas there has lately arison a dispute and difference between Rev. Ward Cotton & the Church of Christ in Hampton . . . 10-22-1765 notice of vote to be taken by freeholders and other inhabitations of Hampton qualified to vote. All are to meet at the Meeting House. Request attendance of Abigail Johnson & Sarah Connor? by evidences before the council. Adjourned to 10-25-1765.
84 178 1810-1883
85 179

86 180 12-21-1722 meeting of 1st Div proprietors 1st Div. pasture north side of Little River " shall lay as a pasture for all cattle or creatures that belong the the owners of said land. Agreed that as long as Capt. Jabez Dow's land is unforrested for creatures to feed, 12 acres shall be ___ half a share in cow common; fencing, tree cutting, payment for surveying.
86-87 180-181 1-7-1723 Lots drawn for1st Div Land lately surveyed, lots drawn; ranges listed 1,2,3,4 & ring
88 182 1-12-1723 Meeting re land to Philbrick & Jennes. 1st Div., fences, gates, lots adjustments laid out.
88 182 1-21-1723 & 1-29?-1723 Meeting re accepting return of 1st Div. adjustments; 2nd Div. fencing to be done; Jennis return (land formerly cow common). 1st range laid out & cont'd. Jos. Philbrick return & Richard Jennes return, John Jennes Return. Committee chosen to lay out part of 1st Div. north of Little River in little boarshead woods, ranges 1 (48 lots) and 2 (45 lots). First range begins at Little River where a sawmill formerly stood.
89 183 1723 1st Div.'s 1st first range cont'd. Second, third and fourth ranges laid out. Meetings 2-20-1722/3, 5-7-1723. Lot layers voted 12-3-1722 by the proprietors of the 5th Div to lay out and make return of 1st Div. in Februrary 1723 according to each right. Range 1=48 lots; 2=45 lots;3=22 lots;4=44 or 45 lots;#46,47,48.
89-90 183-184
Returns 1st Div., according to each right 1st Div. laid out according to vote of 12.3.1722, list, names in right of others.
91 185 12-2-1723 Land near ye Great Hill, cont'd 1st Div., laid out according to each right.
92 186 9-30-1708 Meeting re West & North Div, shares and lots not yet drawn are to be sold; 2nd N. Div. 137 shares/lots Daniel Moulton satisfies comoners and is forever acquitted re 20 acres in 2nd N. Div., 137th share between Elkins and Brown.
92 186 1708 Acknowledgement Daniel Moulton assigns over rights of land granted him. Tracts assigned in 1/12ths, 1/8ths, 1/16ths.
93 187 11-3-1708 Agreement between Jacob Brown & others listed re Little River Sawmill, dam, and raising and flowing water. It shall be lawful from time to time for above named persons to flow any part of my land lying near the said river which leads down to saw mill without any mollestation or distubrance of me, said Jacob Brown.
93 187 1-25-1727 Surveyor's return. Laid out a passable a way two rods wide through land of James & Richard Sanborn and John Jones, around a great rock & ridge, through land of Towle & Weare. Dividing their land for public benefit.
94 188 1-30-1669 & 4-20-1724 Committee chosen to run line as return declared between Hampton/Salisbury dated 4-20-1667 ref 3-18-1689. Laid out from corner of Batchelder farm, formerly so called, by a mark made by Shapley, near Powwas River pond, tree marked S H, etc.
94-96 188-190 1-1-1722/3 Meeting of proprieters of 2nd Div to lay out QM & Ring Swamp, to cut lots into equal quality and quantity. Claims in rights of others.Cont'd to p 189. Meeting adjourned to 2-1-1723.
96 190 10-11-1727 Meeting proprietors of 2nd Div. to lay out particular lots/shares, one bad lot & one good lot to a right and not be above 6 ac of bad to a whole lot. Meeting to agree on lot layer. Many entries of meeting on the same day; adjourned to 28th, then to 29th of November at house of widow Mary Leavitt.
96-97 190-191 1727 Meeting at widow Mary Leavitt's to draw for rights in 2nd Div and Great Lots LIST of names and numbered lots
97 191 1727 Meeting at house of Jerome Marston, more meetings same date listed. 2nd Div., rights sold, QM laid into 30 shares, bounds and lot #s. Sold to Caleb Marston, James Perkins, John Wedgewood to put votes and returns in town records concerning drafts in 2nd Div..
97 191 11-29-1727 Ring Swamp divided into two parts, described. 18 lots, south part 12 lots, total 30 lots. Last five lots of the 30 are to the easward of the raod that goeth by the upper mill to Libbi's… John Moulton lot not yet laid out.
97-99 191-193 11-28-1728? Return of 2nd Div. & remainder QM to be layed out into 30 shares, first and second parts described. at end of old North Div, #23,24,25., bad lands in QM
100 194 3-25-? Date referenced in Cotton's letter as compliance with his proposals re salary.
100 194 1-28-1731 & 3-9-1731 Meeting ord'd by warrant of to select jurors for general assembly & Rev. Gookin salary issues.
100 194 12-6-1731 Meeting Invoices for new proportion of Province leaving out pastureland
100-101 194-195 3-14-1732 Meeting Additional money to be added to Rev.Gookin salary.
101 195 7-17-1732 Meeting employe of Rev. Gookin
101 195 8-28-1732 Meeting appt. 2 men to gen'l assembly (repeated at meetings)
101 195 11-21-1732 Meeting employe of Rev. Gookin, town to hire a man to preach for Rev.Gookin at annual town meeting next March.
101 195 3-13-1733 Meeting Rev. Gookin re raise in salary; Solomon Page considered.
102 196 6-14-1733 Meeting S. Page selected assist Rev. Gookin for three months, men chosen to see if he will take up the invitation
102 196 9-26-1733 Meeting Ward Cotton to assist Rev. Gookin
102 196 12-31-1733 Meeting To select jurors for general assembly; Dow ,Smith, Palmer to "treat" with Mr. Cotton. Committee to "advise" with Rev. Gookin, see if it be expedient to settle some parson in the ministry here.
102 196 3-12-1734 meeting Ward Cotton correspondence. A minister should have a house and few acres of land, and other accomodations to settle himself or also sufficient money to purchase same. As to salary .. so he can live up to the dignity of his office.
103 197 3-25-1734 Meeting Gookin and Ward Cotton salaries
103 197 4-22-1734 Meeting adj'd, illness of moderator N. Sargent.
103 197 8-26-1734 meeting funeral plans and costs for Rev. Gookin, widow & children.
103 197 9-16-1734 meeting re: Parsonage lands, fencing,, sales and exchanging of lots 1st W. Div., 2nd N. Div., 3rd W. Div. and laying out hwy to Kingston
104 198 10-7-1734 meeting
104 198 11-261734 meeting
104 198 12-23-1734 meeting to build Mrs. Gookin residence
104 198 3-11-1735 meeting
105 199 4-28-1735 meeting
105 199 3-9-1736 meeting to fence yard for Mrs. Gookin
105 199 4-19-1736 meeting to build barn for Mrs. Gookin
105 199 3-7-1737 meeting
105 199 3-8-1737 meeting to build school house same "bigness" as old one that burnt, and be set on most convenient place of school houe acre, and town to pay 25 pounds.
106 200 3-14-1737 meeting
106 200 4-3-1738 meeting
106 200 6-19-1738 meeting North Hill inhabitants request they be cleared from paying to Rev. Mr. Cotton while they have preaching at North Hill meeting house. Vote negative.
106 200 11-13-1738 meeting re Act in General Court last year for a line between Hampton and Rye, and selectmen shall prosecute so the affair is finally determined.
107 201 3-13-1739 meeting: selectment to take care that all the roads in town be kept at usual breadth and to prosecute all those who intrude on them. Voted to give Rev. Ward Cotton twenty pound money in bills of credit the present year, in consideration of the value of ye paper money being fallen.
107 201 10-22-1739 meeting
107 201 11-19-1739 meeting; adj'd until 1-7-1740 Wingate & Dow to examine accounts of leased out parsonage lands and prepare report for next meeting.
107 201 1-7-1740 Meeting. Towle, Palmer, Dow committee to look after parsonage lands and marshes and give leases that do not exceed 5 years from 12-3-1739. They have power to prosecute tresspasers and eject any who have already done so. Previous committee still has power to make demands on same issues.
108 202 3-11-1740 meeting Cotton to receive twenty pounds on the account of low value of paper money this year. His hay to be considered part of the profit.
108 202 7-21-1740 meeting
108 202 2-9-1741 meeting
108 202 3-10-1741 meeting Surveyors of roads and bridges chosen: Dalton, Garland, Smith, Towle, Griffeths, Hobbs and Drake.
109 203 5-7-1741 meeting
109 203 1-11-1742 meeting
109 203 3-1-1742 meeting
109 203 3-9-1742 meeting Surveyors chosen: Marston, Hobbs and Fogg. Thomas Lane shall have privilage of 2 rods square of land during the town pleasure.
109 203 9-3-1742 meeting and North Hill Parish Voted that we are willing that those persons & petitioners which are desiros to belong to the parish at north hill should with their estaes belong there.
110 204 3-8-1743 meeting Surveyors for highways and bridges chosen: Sanborn, Moulton, Dearborn and Rand.Voted to exchange a little lot at Candlewood swamp and 5 acre lot in North Div, and little lot on the grate Boarshead belonging to parsonage for salt marsh.
110 204 3-13-1745 meeting Surveyors of ways chosen: Drake, Nudd, Smith and Smith.
111 205 1-21-1745 meeting
111 205 3-12-1745 meeting and adj'd to 4-9. Surveyors of highways and bridges chosen: Rand, Moulton, Drake and Towle. Committee to receive propositions of North Hampton Committee relating to the parsonage.
111 205 4-9-1745 meeting cont'd and ajd'd to 5-6.
111 205 5-6-1745 meeting North Hampton parish will be allowed three north division shares provided they will quit all right to remainder of the parsonage. Belonging to Hampton, and their right to house, barn and land adjoining that was built or provided for Madem Gookin. The town obliging themselves to find her a house and barn.
111-112 205-206 5-20-1745 meeting Note dated 5-17-1745 regarding parish of North Hampton and accept terms of three shares in full in the old or 1st N. Div shares. .
112 206 6-3-1745 meeting
112 206 6-24-1745 meeting need to pursue riotors at meeting 6-24 (topic for months)
112 206 9-16-1745 meeting riotors
112 206 3-7-1746 meeting; voted Towle & Leavitt empowered to hire agents to prosecute & defend any action/s for or against the freeholders and pursue to final judgement. Surveyors of highways and bridges chosen: Taylor, Moulton, Sanborn, Page and Shaw.
113 207 8-24-1746 meeting Re raise money to carry on charge at law with Kensington.
113 207 9-29-1746 meeting Ram pasture, gates to preserve beach between Great & Little Boar's Head. Voted there shall be 50 pounds old tenor raised to improve towards the care of the lad (Francis Ireland) and what we don't expend that way shall be for the use of the town.
113 207 11-18-1746 meeting Kensington land, NOT to get 4 half shares they have been "at law" about.
113 207 12-1-1746 meeting lawsuit w/ Kensington
113 207 3-10-1747 meeting (cont'd-p.208 Voted that the present selectmen shall take what care is needfull for the lad that is at Doctor Hales at Nubury. (Francis Ireland?) Surveyors chosen: Moulton, Naye, Page, Elkins and Towle.
114 208 3-25-1747 meeting to sell house & barn and 1 acre of Mrs. Gookin's
114 208 6-22-1747 meeting Continued care of poor, Francis Ireland, under the care of Dr. Hale. Steeple on meeting house should be pulled down.
114 208 3-8-1748 meeting: Surveyors for highways and bridges chosen: Towle, Stanford, Moulton, James. Rev. Cotton salary and needs. Ram pasture short 2 acres.
114 208 8-1-1748 meeting sale of Gookin Property to Rand, funeral charges for Madem Gookin.
115 209 1-2-1749 meeting
115 209 3-14-1749 meeting: Surveyors for highways chosen: Griffiths, Sherborn, Leavitt, Page and Moulton. Mr. Cotton's salary raised 280 pounds. Prosecution of those trespassing on parsonage land.
115 209 3-28-1749 meeting Men chosen to see that the law is complied with concerning yoking and ringing of swine.
115 209 5-1-1749 meeting Re those assigned pews in meeting house. Re portions of money from North Hampton for Madem Dorothy Gookin.
116 210 3-13-1751 meeting: Surveyors for highways chosen: Smith, Smith, Moulton and Page. to sell some parsonage land; 4 half shares in 1st W. Div, 10 acre lots in 3rd Div. near Salisbury line; sell 6 shares mentioned above, 2 shares in Alder meadow.Ward Cotton wages
116 210 6-11-1750 meeting re ditch around parsonage, Rev. Cotton wages.
117 211 3-12-1751 meeting: Surveyors for highways and bridges chosen: Griffiths, Moulton, Page and Dearborn. Voted selectmen to take care of Francis Ireland.. Voted to give Jeremiah Fifield 30 pounds old tenor for Doctor Anthony Emery in part of acc---? he has against Fifield.
117 211 8-19-1751 meeting: adj'd to 8-27-1751
117 211 8-27-1751 meeting cont'd. Rev. Cotton wages. Francis Ireland care, selectmen to give 200 pounds old tenor to any person that will clear the town of him according to the vote of the town.
117 211 11-22-1751 notice of meeting to be 12-2-1751: re hiring agent to prosecute and defend actions against inhabitants.
118 212 12-2-1751 Meeting re: agent appointed Mr. John Smith to defend any action commenced against said inhabitants by Benjamin & Abigail Brown of South Hampton
118 212 3-10-1752 meeting: Surveyors of highways chosen: Moulton, Page, Rand and Elkins.
118 212 9-1752 meeting: Juror selections for General Assembly
118 212 1-29-1753 meeting re: A method to be pursued relating to claims made on tract of land called New Plantation formerly in Hampton. Also request of John Smith for assistant in Brown action. Benj. Shaw deceased, but inhabitants in his right claim damages for not laying out a tract of land alledged to be granted him in New Plantation. Cont'd p 213
119 213 1-29-1753 meeting cont'd. Men chosen re action against the town: Samuel Palmer, Esq., Dr. John Weeks, and Capt. Ephraim Marston; any two to be committee for the end of aforesaid.
119 213 1-29-1753 meeting cont'd. John Nay be agent and join Jonathan Shaw to prosecute and defend actions. Letter to selectmen of Hampton Falls regarding the claim on supposed right of land in New Plantation dated 2-8-1753.
119 213 2-7-1753 & 2-12-1753 notice of meeting 2-12-1753 Ordered by precept from Speaker of the House of Representatives to chose one man qualified by law to represent the town in general assemby room of Richard Waldron, Esq. Jonathan Tucke chosen.
120 214 3-13-1753 meeting: Surveyors of highways and bridges chosen: Moulton, Page, Brown, Marston and Shaw. Rev. Cotton salary, his hay and contribution to Sacrament Day in April and 1st Sabath Day in June to help relieve him under the grate charge he met with the last year in his family.Voted the annual town meeting be third Tuesday in March.
120-121 215-216 3-19-1754 meeting and adj'd to April 4th. And that adj'd to April 9. Surveyors for highways and bridges chosen: Smith, Marston, Leavitt, Towle and Page.
121-122 217-218 3-18-1755 meeting: Surveyors chosen: Garland, Moulton, Moulton, Shaw and Drake Hauling wood, rate payable in wood. Meeting adj'd to 4-1-1755.
122 219 4-29-1755 meeting: re salary and interest to ministry; decenting voters listed.. Exeter-Hampton line left to selectmen.
123 220 7-7-1755 meeting: Cattle and horses found on beach to be impounded.Those leaving open gates or throwing down fences that save the beach shall pay fine.
123 220-221 10-20-1755 meeting: Juror selections for General Assembly
123 221 2-16-1756 meeting Nehemiah Brown of Kensington vs town agent in suit to be heard at Portsmouth Court of Common Pleas the first Tuesday of March next.
124 222 3-16-1756 meeting & adj'd to 3-23-1756 Surveyors chosen: Moulton, Page, Rand, Moulton and Weare
124 223 3-23-1756 meeting: re rent for parsonage lands in default, selectment to hire common reading and writing schools master, and in case a gramma school is needed, they shall provide one in the town that both schools shall cost the town no more than one constant gramma school.
125 224-225 5-22-1756 & 5-31-1756 notice and meeting Nehemiah & Anna Brown suit to be heard in Inferior Court of Common Please at Portsmouth first Tuesday of June. Either Colonel John Weeks or Mr. Philip Towle is chosen agent to defend and pursue this suit.
125 225 11-23-1756 meeting re Cotton salary.
126 226 3-15-1757 meeting: Surveyors chosen: Bachelder, Brown, Tucke, Pearson, Brown and Leavitt.
126 227
page skipped
126 228 3-15-1757 meeting Jonathan Longfellow suit, no one to take seaweed
127 229 11-17-1757 meeting
127 230 11-16-1757 Notice to freeholders of Hampton Nathaniel Gookin of North Hampton commenced action of ejectment to those which are in possesion of land called parsonage land belonging to Hampton, one half of which said Gookin demands as his property.
127-128 230-231 11-22-1757 Meeting: agents selected to defend inhabitants re leased parsonage lots. No. Hampton parish posses parsonage land of Hampton, Gookin demands half, to be tried in Dec.
128-129 232-233 3-21-1758 notice and meeting Surveyors chosen: Ward, Towle, Brown, Page and Towle.
129 234 5-1-1758 meeting: selection of jurors.
130 235 8-16-1758 meeting: selection of jurors. Town willing to pay all charges that Dr. Emery's family has lost. In case Emery family do not agree, agent to be chosen to finalize judgement. Town voted in negative to pay charges which arose from Small pox in Dr. Emery's family. Choice of agents for this situation also voted negative.
130 236 8-13-1758 Notice of next meeting to consider and determine method to be pursued relating to case of Dr. Emery.
131 237 8-21-1758 meeting: Poll vote in favor Discents listed, and Capt. Jonathan Moulton to prosecute the affair regarding recovery of cost of removing Emery family to separate house when first infected with small pox and providing for them.
131-132 238-239 9-4-1758 meeting regarding Emery issue. Cont'd
132 239 10-14-1758 meeting: selection of jurors.
132 240 10-23-1758 meeting
132-133 240-241 11-13-1758 meeting
133 241 12-18-1758 meeting (notice provided)
133 242 2-12-1759 meeting (notice provided)
133 242 3-18-1759 Meeting called by 2 of His Majesties Justices of the Peace Dr. Anthony Emery charges re: small pox, selectmen's audit re parsonage, negative vote
134 243 3-8-1759 meeting: inquiry into Emery issue, whether to discharge agents, and settle with Parsonage committee.
134 244 3-15-1759 meeting
135 245-246 3-20-1759 meeting (notice provided): Surveyors chosen: Drake, Moulton, Tucke, Bachelder, Dow. To vote if money allowed to Bride Hill and Drakeside for schooling, whether to let out parsonage lands, Cotton salary..

135-136 246-247 5-7-1759 meeting (notice provided); selection of jurors. Meeting records not present
136 247
meeting notice daed 5-19 re upcoming selection of jurors for said court dates.
136 247 5-19-1759 notice of meeting
136 247 5-25-1759 meeting: selection of jurors scheduled for August and Sept
136 247 8-20-1759 meeting: selection of jurors
136 248 10-27-1759 meeting not recorded; (notice provided)
136 248 11-5-1759 meeting: selection of jurors
136 248 2-9-1760 meeting not recorded (notice provided)
136 248 2-18-1760 meeting: selection of jurors
137 249-250 3-18-1760 meeting (notice provided) Surveyors chosen: Tayler, Towle, Moulton, Moulton and Page. Vote negative on selling any part of ten rod road round the ring, voted to dismiss that affair and never to act upon it more. Voted to leave affair of the school house acres, to let out 2/3 of it for 8-10 years.Voted to settle the affair of Rev. Cotton salary. Stone wall on parsonage matter. To allow something to Drakeside and Bride Hill area for schooling this year
138 251 3-24-1760 meeting: Committee to see that hwy not intruded upon. That no person shall keep sheep, horses or cattle in hwy from May to Sept.
138 252 4-26-1760 meeting notice provided, no record
138 252 5-5-1760 meeting: selection of jurors
138 252 5-17-1760 meeting notice provided, no record
138 252 5-26-1760 meeting: selection of jurors
139 253 8-25-1760 meeting (notice provided) selection of jurors
139 254 10-4-1760 meeting notice, no record of exact date.
139 254 10-6-1760 meeting: selection of jurors In deference to requstion...Hampton & Kensington re parsonage lands; negative vote
140 255 11-19-1760 meeting (notice provided) selection of jurors
140 256 12-1760 meeting (notice provided) selection of jurors
140 256 2-23-1761 meeting (notice provided) selection of jurors
141 257 3-17-1761 (annual) meeting (notice provided) Voted a committee to run the lines of the parsonage land. Surveyors chosen: Towle, Moulton, Rand, Drake, Garland and Sanborn
141 258 3-19-1761 meeting
142 259 3-31-1761 meeting (notice of exact date not provided)
142 260 5-11-1761 meeting (notice provided) selection of jurors Vote in negative re steeple on meeting house and selling of pew privileges
142-143 260-261 5-25-1761 meeting (notice provided) selection of jurors Purchase of pews on women's side for various purposes, etc. Return of votes
143 261 6-9-1761 meeting
143 262 5-25-1761 meeting
143 262 8-10-1761 meeting
143 262 10-26-1761 meeting
143 262 12-8-1761 meeting
144 263 1-18-1762 meeting: selection of jurors
144 263 1-19-1762 meeting: re pews, steeple, sale of ground.
144 264 2-22-1762 meeting
145 265-266 3-16-1762 meeting: Surveyors chosen: Dearborn, Towle, Tuck, Marston, Taylor, Batchelder, Moulton. Meeting adj'd to 3-22. Ward Cotton issues, cutting of wood on parsonage land, seaweed
145 266 3-22-1762 meeting cont'd. To run the line of parsonage lands on Bridehill and 2nd range over Little River Meeting adjourned for 6 weeks.
146 268 4-19-1762 meeting
146 268 5-24-1762 meeting
146 268 6-30-1762 meeting
146 268 8-25-1762 meeting
146 268 11-1-1762 meeting
146 268 11-26-1762 meeting
146 268 2-11-1763 meeting
146 268 5-9-1763 meeting
147 269 7-7-1763 meeting
147 269 8-29-1763 meeting
147 269 9-19-1763 meeting
147 269 10-31-1763 meeting
147 269 11-14-1763 meeting
147 269 11-25-1763 meeting
147 269 2-13-1764 meeting
147 270-271 1774-1800
148 271 2-8-1703 meeting
148 272 2-28-1763 meeting
149 273 3-7-1763 meeting
149 273 3-10-1763 meeting
149-150 274-275 3-15-1763 meeting: Ward Cotton
150-151 276-277 3-20-1764 meeting: Surveyors chosen: Page, Moulton, Moulton, Moulton, Weare.
151 277 1-21-1765 meeting
151-152 278-279 3-19-1765 meeting
152 279 4-9-1765 meeting
152 280 11-12-1765 meeting
153 281 12-23-1765 meeting
154 283 2-24-1766 meeting
154 284 3-17-1785 Memorandom of Agreement deed Francis Page & Samuel Moulton of North Hampton, to James Batrchelder, Josiah Batchelder, John Lamprey (share of sawmill?)
154 284
unreadable notation

1764 missing year