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Gatherings From the Green

This publication is the newsletter of HHS. It is usually published 3 times per year. We encourage members to subscribe to our reminder system (see box above) and read it online instead of receiving a printed version, because it saves HHS a lot of money. You can opt out of the printed version when you join HHS.

All are PDF files. The summary given for many issues is just that - i.e. they contain additional info.

Latest issue - April, 2023 (1000K)

Committee Reports; Donor List (since November, 2022); Gifts to the Collection for 2022; Schedule of Events for 2023

Earlier issues (all PDFs, size in bytes shown in parentheses):
  • November, 2022 (3800K) - Committee Reports; Donor List (entire year); 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes; Gifts to the Collection; New Kiosks; 1930s Manning Plan; Fall Festival pictures
  • September, 2022 (1400K) - Report on completed Schoolhouse restoration; info about upcoming Fall Festival and Annual Meeting
  • April, 2022 (1400K) - Calendar of Events for 2022; Gifts to the Collection for 2021; What is OCR?
  • November, 2021 (2500K) - Committee Reports; Donor List (entire year); 2021 Zoom Annual Meeting Minutes; Schoolhouse Renovation update and pictures; Gifts to the Collection; Fall Festival pictures
  • June, 2021 (6000K) - We're Opening!!; Donors to Annual Appeal; Goss Side-table; Schoolhouse Renovation; Gifts to the Collection; Fall Festival
  • November, 2020 (4000K) - Committee Reports; Donor List (entire year); Volunteer Hours Summary; 2020 Zoom Annual Meeting Minutes
  • June, 2020 (2200K) - Donor List; article on Gathering Seaweed; Tobey & Merrill 100th Anniversary
  • April, 2020 (3400K) - Gifts to the Collection; Donor List
  • November, 2019 (3800K) - Committee Reports; Volunteer Hours; 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes; new Turner painting and National Geographics
  • July, 2019 (1200K) - Donor list; Pig Roast form and info; Miss Hampton Beach
  • April, 2019 (500K) - Gifts to the Collection; Donor List
  • November, 2018 (4000K) - Committee Reports; Volunteer Hours; 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • July, 2018 (600K) - Donor list; Pig Roast form and info; Hampton 380th Anniversary info
  • April, 2018 (900K) - Gifts to the Collection; Donor List; Upcoming Hampton Beach Souvenir China program pictures
  • November, 2017 (900K) - Committee Reports; Volunteer Hours; 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • July, 2017 (675K) - Donor List; Pig Roast form and info; Personal Property Books article; WWI Exhibit
  • April, 2017 (1000K) - Gifts to the Collection; Donor List; A Ghost in the Captain David Perkins House? WWI Exhibit
  • November, 2016 (1000K) - Committee reports; Volunteer hours; 2016 Annual meeting minutes
  • July, 2016 (1000K) - Donor List; History of Miss Hampton Beach; Pig Roast form and info; Volunteer Linda Metcalf article
  • March, 2016 (376K) - Gifts to the Collection; Donor List; DAR Award
  • November, 2015 (650K) - Committee Reports; Volunteer hours; digitizing info
  • July, 2015 (700K) - Donor List; 90th Anniversary Exhibit; Shipwrecks, Riots And Rumrunners
  • April, 2015 (412K) - Gifts to the Collection; Donor List
  • November, 2014 (440k) - New building purchase; reports from all committees; volunteer hours
  • July, 2014 (221k) - Pig Roast; Marelli Exhibit
  • March, 2014 (325k) - Passing of Jack "Cliff" Pratt; Town Records preservation; Gifts to Collections 2013; Donors
  • November, 2013 (625k) - 375th Celebration; Pig Roast Report; Buildings and Grounds Report
  • July, 2013 (250k) - Pig Roast
  • March, 2013 (800k) - new Civil War Book; Gifts and Donors; Christmas Parade
  • November, 2012 (700k) -Tavern Walk; Damage to School building and Cottage; new Tavern Book
  • July, 2012 (260k) - Pig Roast; Meet & Suitable Person; Harvest Ramble
  • April, 2012 (400k) - Passing of Catherine Fletcher; Salt Marsh farming; Turner Night; Gifts and Donors
  • November, 2011 (500k) - Building needs; Education Committee; Pig Roast; Bachelder Farm
  • July, 2011 (2.7M) - Kevin Skarupa- Storms; Centre and Sacred Heart Schools Art Work; Facebook
  • March, 2011 (280K) - Colt Photo Exhibit; Tribute to Ansell Palmer; Gifts & Donors
  • November, 2010 (475K) - Lane Library Building 100th Anniversary; Barns
  • July, 2010 (125K) - Charles Turner night; Pig Roast
  • March, 2010 (500K) - Leavitt family cradle; Gifts and Donors
  • November, 2009 (500K)
  • August, 2009 (1.4M)
  • June, 2009 (250K)
  • February, 2009 (250K)
  • November, 2008 (300K)
  • September, 2008 (350K)
  • June, 2008 (315K)
  • February, 2008 (282K)
  • November, 2007 (95K)
  • September, 2007 (200K)
  • July, 2007 (200K)
  • February, 2007 (200K)
  • November, 2006 (400K)
  • September, 2006 (400K)
  • June, 2006 (400K)
  • February, 2006 (300K)
  • November, 2005 (500K)
  • August, 2005 (300K)
  • May, 2005 (700K)
  • February, 2005 (700K)
  • November, 2004 (500K)
  • Spring, 2004 (200K)
  • Winter, 2004 (350K)
  • Fall, 2003 (65K)

Change to Bylaws

At the Annual Meeting on October 9, 2009, members were asked to vote on several changes to the Bylaws. A new broader mission statement was proposed which more adequately describes what we do. Another suggested change was to the committee structure which operates the Society. The new Strategic Plan accepted by the Trustees on August 9 suggested that new, more comprehensive, committees might aid in the implementation of future programs. Since the standing committees are listed in the Bylaws, this necessitated a vote of the membership.

The revised Bylaws were adopted at the Annual Meeting on October 9, 2009.

Click here to view the revised Bylaws in their final form.

To see a copy of the prior Bylaws with suggested changes, click here.

To view the completed Strategic Plan, click here.

Note that these files are in PDF format.

Email comments or questions about the Bylaws to us at