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Fall Festival, 2022
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New! 1979 and 1999 issues of Beachcomber
Click here

Beachcomber Newspaper Archives


A collection of 23 years of the Beachcomber Newspaper, digitized and viewable online, encompassing all issues from the years 1936 thru 1965, 4 issues from the 70's, and one from 1999.

All issues are viewable in high resolution, which means you can actually zoom in on the screen and read individual articles.

1938 Pageant Identification Project


HHS is trying to identify all the people in a panoramic picture of the cast of the Pageant of 1938. Click the image above for more info about how you can help us in this project.

The Museum is now OPEN during our regular hours:
       Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Tide Mills Presentation

tide mills
If you missed the event, we have a recording of it. Click here for more info.

Have you ever wondered where Tide Mill Road got its name? A presentation about tide mills, including an overview of tide mills in general, some specifics about Hampton's own Brown's Mill (from which Tide Mill Road got its name), and the future of tide mills was given on May 17.

HHS DVD Documentaries now on YouTube

Flats, Shacks, and Claws DVD Saltmarsh Farming DVD Our 2 documentaries about clamming, lobstering, and fishing; and salt marsh farming are now available for free viewing on our YouTube Channel. Click the individual images at left to go directly to the particular video.

Seeking Safe Harbor in Hampton

ssh-poster_vsm.jpg Seeking Safe Harbor in Hampton - Stories of Ships and Shipwrecks, the new exhibit at the Tuck Museum of Hampton History, shows Hampton connections to the sea from its earliest settlers to the ships they built, life-saving stations, lighthouse keepers and the many wrecks that occurred on the coast. Click here for more info.

gambling NEW!!
HHS Casino Fundraisers - Dates for 2023

You can help us by gambling on HHS-sponsored charitable gaming days at the Ocean Gaming Casino at Hampton Beach. Click here for more info.


1927 Centre School Panorama with Name IDs

Did anyone in your family attend the Hampton Centre School in 1927? If so, you can probably find their picture (as a kid) within our panoramic picture. We have created a series of web pages that enable you to find people by name in the image. Click here to find out about it.