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Beachcomber Newspaper Archives


A collection of 23 years of the Beachcomber Newspaper, digitized and viewable online, encompassing the years 1936 thru 1965, plus 3 iussues from the 70's (there are some gaps).

All issues are viewable in high resolution, which means you can actually zoom in on the screen and read individual articles.

1938 Pageant Identification Project


HHS is trying to identify all the people in a panoramic picture of the cast of the Pageant of 1938. Click the image above for more info about how you can help us in this project.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Tuck Museum is closed.
We hope to reopen on April 1, 2021.

In the meantime, we sent out an email on September 9 describing our upcoming Annual Meeting (virtual, using Zoom) that will be taking place on October 15, 2020. Click here to view it. We will also be publishing a newsletter in November.

We are able and enthusiastic about communicating with the public electronically - via our Facebook page (see link at right) and emails (to info@hamptonhistoricalsociety.org). So we encourage members and others to ask any questions about genealogy, Hampton history, etc. Please watch this space and Facebook for additional announcements.

NEW!! The Casino has reopened!
HHS Casino Fundraisers - Revised Dates for 2020


The Tuck Museum is still closed, but you can help us by gambling on HHS-sponsored charitable gaming days at the Ocean Gaming Casino at Hampton Beach. Click here for more info.


New! 1927 Centre School Panorama with Name IDs

Did anyone in your family attend the Hampton Centre School in 1927? If so, you can probably find their picture (as a kid) within our panoramic picture. We have created a series of web pages that enable you to find people by name in the image. Click here to find out about it.


Souvenir China Exhibit added to our Archives

china Pictures of the Souvenir China Exhibit from 2018-19 have been assembled into a series of webpages as part of our Archives collection.

This archive view includes close-up individual images of every piece in the exhibit, so it is a good chance for even people who saw the exhibit to get an even closer view of the pretty items that were on display. Click here to view the exhibit.


Two Additional Beachcomber Issues

Two additional issues of the Beachcomber newspaper from 1974 have been added to the Beachcomber Archives.
Click here to view them.


See Our 90th Anniversary Posters in Web Format

90th_exhibit_poster1_vsm.jpg HHS celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2015. As part of that occasion, an exhibit was created at the museum called Gathering on the Green: A History of the Hampton Historical Society and Tuck Museum from 1925 to the Present. It consisted of a series of posters for each decade, spread throughout the museum. Visitors would follow the route through the museum and read each poster.

At the time, we wanted people to come to the museum to see the new exhibit, and didn't want to present the full text of each poster on this website. However, now that some time has passed, we are now presenting those posters in web-friendly format for easy online viewing.

So, if you want to read a lot of interesting info about the history of Hampton and HHS, presented in a lively format (derived from the original, beautiful posters), go to the upgraded Gathering on the Green page.

(The physical posters are still on display at the museum, so come in and see them for real too!)